A little bit about how I eat...I eat whole foods and make dishes with little to no preservatives. If I do add a touch of sauce or anything not whole food worthy, it will be noted. I do try and buy organic whenever possible, but if not, it will always be a whole food. Here you see my breakfast from this morning. I LOVE making breakfast for myself during the week when I'm basically just cooking for for 1. It's actually very simple: 2 boiled eggs (boil water, add eggs CAREFULLY, I suggest using tongs to lower them into the pot, turn down to medium heat and cover, set timer for  6 minutes 30 seconds and remove and put them in ice water to stop them from cooking. I fried mushrooms in grassfed butter along with a sausage patty and then a side of bananas and 1tbs heavy cream. I always make myself a cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea to top it all off. :) Breakfasts like this make me so energized! 
From time to time you will also see some about my lifestyle, why I decided to eat the way I do now, exercise and the benefits of eating whole foods. :D