I made chocolate lollipops for my son's Valentine's Day party at school. I used Wilton candy molds, Wilton colored chocolate wafers, a few different sized paint brushes and, a lot of patience. I used the pink, red and milk chocolate wafers to accent the molds and the white chocolate to fill them in.
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Then, I made strawberry cupcakes for the assisted living facility that my step-grandma lives in. Well, my mom baked them (this time) and I decorated them. I was going to make marshmallow frosting, but I had a very busy, tiring weekend and was being lazy. So, I mixed one can of strawberry and one can of cream cheese frosting together.  The results; delicious.

Go here to get the recipe: http://www.krissys-creations.com/2011/08/strawberry-cupcakes-with-marshmallow.html

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My mom had started to make mini red velvet cupcakes, but didn't like the way they turned out. So, we added some frosting to bind it together and I made chocolate covered red velvet cake balls. She used boxed mix for the initial cupcakes so, I don't have a recipe to give. And, I used the red Wilton chocolate wafers to cover them.

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