Simple. Tequila lime salmon patty from Whole Foods, though I do want to learn how to make my own version so I can share an actual recipe for this or at least something similar-it was very good!, matchstick raw carrots marinated in a splash or two of organic olive oil, juice of one lime, sea salt and garlic powder. I throw all this in a tupperware container, put it in the fridge and turn the container a couple times every few hours or so, therefore it all gets marinated evenly throughout the day. And lastly, organic yellow buttercream potatoes peeled and fried in 1tbs coconut oil until they are just lightly (very lightly!) browned on the outside and still not thoroughly cooked, but not hard on the inside. You don't want to overcook your food and you DEFINITELY don't want to char food. I wouldn't share it if it wasn't good. It IS yummy! Although-I cannot say I recommend the salmon patties for purchase-2 of them totaled 7.48. That's high-organic, yes, but wallet friendly-no. We can do better and I will work on a homemade alternative using fresh salmon. 

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