So most of you know me on facebook and likely saw the post I had going where I battled it out with a friend who is Tupperware consultant. She was hawking this horridly expensive piece of equipment and trying to convince me that it was absolutely reasonable to buy something that cost as much as an electric bill. I was explaining to her that she was batshit crazy. 
Then, she loaned me hers, and I had to EAT MY DAMN WORDS publicly and appologize because seriously, it's the best thing since toilet paper. 
It's the Tupperware Smart Steamer (as featured on Dr. Oz). It is steel encapsulated in plastic (bpa free), that when placed into the microwave, bounces the waves off and into the water below it, and then it steams your food without butter/oil/fat. Because of the hot waves too, it cooks the food quickly without losing any of the nutrients in the food. 
I cooked Peppered Salmon and Purple Fingerling Potatoes in 18 minutes. Extremely healthy meal, one container to clean, cooked without added fats. 
I then cooked Cilantro Lime Chicken Breasts, and Baby Carrots, and tossed them in with the left over potatoes and a little bit of apple cider vinegar, rosemary, parsley, garlic and they were AMAZING. The chicken was so incredibly flavorful and juicy. My daughter ate 2 breasts the first night on her own, as well as the veggies. She didn't make me threaten or bribe her to do it either (my child is insanely picky about her food). The chicken meal took only 15 minutes.
The good news is, now that I have you interested, Im going to step out of my comfort zone and give you the name/website to order your own. I shy away typically from hawking goods that my friends are selling. This is primarily because I have so many friends who have their own businesses and I worry that selling for one will mean I have to do it for the other 126. But this is worth doing so! 
This item is normally $100+, but it's on half off right now through March 31 for $69. I know that sounds high, and I honestly would NOT have bought it myself had I not had a chance to try it out first. But I promise you that it's worth it. It's healthy eating FAST which is ideal for everyone but especially those who work but want to eat right, and also for new moms etc. Cuts down on the dishes! 

Holley Richardson email is and her website is

 Im going to steam some pears and drizzle with a little raspberry sauce topped with a sprig of mint tomorrow night!
Tonight I cooked this beautiful Mediterranean Crusted Salmon with a side of Quinoa and variety of greens I picked out of my yard. Yes - I ate my lawn. It's delicious, free, and there are NO pesticides etc. 



2 Salmon Fillets (roughly 6oz each)
Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs (Zesty will give you a kick!)
2 tbsp Pine Nuts
2 tbsp Sun Dried Tomatoes, chopped
1 cup Egg Beaters (you can use regular eggs if you have them, but I try to do the egg beaters for washes)
Parmesean to taste
And a pinch of any herb you choose


*Dip the filets into the egg wash and when you lift them out - let them drip a little.

* Mix together the dry ingredents in a bowl and coat the fish and set on a rack for about 10 minutes to rest. 

*Cover a cookie sheet in foil (easy clean up!) and lightly spray with olive oil. Place the fish on the cookie sheet and heat your oven to 375. They should cook about 22-24 minutes.


Quinoa (Rice Substitute with much higher protein, lower carb, and high fiber.)


1/2 cup Quinoa
1 3/4 cup of Lime & Chili Chicken Broth (got this at HEB, but you can use regular chicken broth and add some lime juice)


*Bring the broth to a good boil, then add your rinsed Quinoa. Turn down your heat to simmer covered for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, leave covered but turn off the heat and let it sit another 5 minutes before fluffing. 


The salad is a mixture of Sow Thistle, Wood Sorrel, and Dandelion leaves, tied together using a chive. If you are NOT familiar with eating the weeds - then you should check out THIS BLOG if you live in the Houston area. This blog will also help you if you don't live in this area - but obviously due to climate - you will have a different growing season. This is a FREE way to eat salad, and it's absolutely delicious! Obviously - dont pick from an area that you KNOW animals are urinating, and wash thoroughly. Do not eat someone unless you are SURE it's what you think. Most cities have an extention service that you can take the plant into and have identified for you.

Anyway, I'm very familiar with eating this way so I washed my leaves, tied them together with a chive to look pretty, and then spritzed with a balsamic dressing (just put it in a spray bottle to make sure everything has a little but to avoid making your salad soggy.