How about Ice Cream in 60 seconds with only 1 gram of fat, and still CREAMY? We buy bananas that are VERY ripe, for CHEAP, then come home, peel and cut into 1 inch sections. Then you place them on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen, place into a gallon sized Ziploc for future use/portioning. 
Then when you want some soft serve ice cream (kids LOVE this by the way!), just pull a banana's worth of chunks out and place into your magic bullet (or processor if you don't have an awesome bullet) and pulse until the size of salsa chunks, then turn on high until whipped into Ice Cream. It's VERY creamy and tastes sinful! I added some PB2 powder here (it's dehydrated peanut butter without oil, makes it only 1.5 fat in a serving vs normal FATTY peanut butter). I will make more later with not only the PB2 but also a scoop of Protein Powder. 
Sometimes I geek out, but this stuff is really good! I can't wait till our Blood Orange tree starts producing!:) It's not got blossoms this year but I didn't expect it to as we planted it last year and it has been spending time throwing out roots. But our Lemon Drop Tree (hubby's father's day gift 2 years ago) is thriving and has a TON of blossoms, so at least we can make some Lemon-cello!:)

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