Miss Priss on her first day of Third Grade! She looks so grown up and sassy in this shot! **sniffle** Today is her Adoption Day anniversary! We took some cookies up (baby and I) to celebrate with her at school! SH
Snuggle time!:)  This is before our rug was brought back - oh yeah I didn't tell yall about THAT nightmare did I? Well on day 2 of flooring, the guys moved our rugs (the large one in the livingroom and 5x7 in the kitchen) outside so they could floor. They also moved our washer and dryer out there. Then out of no where - POURING RAIN all over all of it. Yep. So thankfully the washer and dryer weren't ruined, and neither were the rugs, but we did have to have them shampoo'd. 
I feel like I should get a prize for painting the tiniest toenails ever...just sayin.
Moby time - about a minute before she fell asleep, this thing knocked her right out!:) Oh and there is a tiny peek of our floors, the wood and the procelain. 

BTW - Now that I have my Moby made, I will start cooking again and posting food stuff, it was just hard to do it with her always wanting to be held! Now I can get the best of both worlds :)

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