First off - Ill post photos tomorrow.

Second - the Claims Adjuster just came today - we are looking at around 7k in damages....That means the vanity, the baseboards, and paint in both bathroom and closet must be replaces. Then we have to take the floor out of the ENTIRE FREAKING HOUSE and have it all completely redone because in order to look nice - we had it flow from room to room without thresh holds which looks really clean and nice but set us up to where we can't just replace one room. 

So we pay $1069 deductible, and then after the flooring guys get here and give us an estimate - we have to decide if we want the same floor - different floor in the same price range, upgrade to tile which costs a bit more and we would have to assume the difference, or if we want the same floor but a different color. I have no idea what I want and Im glad that none of this has to be decided until hubby is home. The estimate will be given tomorrow. Nothing can be done however until the floors are ripped up in the master bedroom and MORE fans are brought in to dry it out. 

I had me a pretty good melt down last night before heading to the gym for Zumba (why am I still going to gym during this mess? Well because I needed a release). The fan people came out and we found that we had to keep the fans even longer and the dehumidifier is making the house so freaking HOT! It's seriously 85 in here during the day - our air condition runs CONSTANTLY and can't keep up. I've been sleeping on the couch because my bedroom is actually a balmy 94. 
Plus I have had so many strangers tromping in and out of my house that my anxiety level is high because I worry that someone will come in and notice hubby isn't home, then will come back and either rape me, or rape me and rob me, or rob me  etc. Not that I think I'm amazingly hot and such but shit - it's like I'm this easy ass target!  So when the guy told me it still isn't dry yet - I started sobbing, this led to him and his partner kinda panicking and apologizing profusely, and me being humiliated that Im standing here crying so I start crying even harder. Then Ri starts crying because Im crying and it was a freaking mess. 

I wish I could just load her and the dogs up and go to Mom and Dad's but I can' because there are yet MORE people who have to come look at stuff, evaluate stuff etc. Saturday my FIL is supposed to come and mow my yard. Im considering telling him to come while Im gone and just leaving. It's very depressing to see the room so torn up, that and Im a clean freak so the stuff everywhere is driving me NUTS!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers-  that the money is easy to come up with, and that this s

It's been said that bad things come in threes and Im pretty much convinced. I've seen it growing up and we seem to be experiencing it for ourselves lately.

Thing 1 - We got a lovely letter from the IRS informing us that a debt from back when hubby was married to starter wife was cancelled and now must be counted as INCOME on our 2010 return, meaning we now owe an extra "surprise" $2000. Hubby thankfully was already set to work over so we could get the shed we have been needing so badly. But well....stuff happens so....

Thing 2 - Our first microwave ever finally shorted out during a storm so we got a new one. The new one was pretty pricey (we thought spending more might be better protected). It wouldn't cook for more than 2 minutes at a time without shutting down for 10 minutes because it had overheated....(Thanks Stacey for moving and giving us your old one!)

Thing 3 - I originally thought that this one was my bestie going back to AK after a week long visit, but I was wrong. Saturday night while running the sink my foot gets a bit wet - I look down - water is ALL OVER THE FLOOR. We have a leak - it's already soaking into the cabinet...ugh!!! I call my mom near hysterical trying to figure out what to do and she says, "Shelley - go look in your closet since it backs up to that wall." I think I said something of the line "Focus mom, it's my bathroom." I checked the closet and yes water EVERYWHERE. Every purse I have is ruined but the one Im using currently (including a Brighton I got at a garage sale in perfect condition for $5. 
Anyway - we have had a recovery service people out to set up multiple fans at $25 per fan, per day - and they are STILL in there. And a dehumidifier for $120 per day. Still here also. The plumber came out today - $369 on a pipe that apparently was broken clean in half.
Now the insurance company (whose deductible is $1,069) wants to test the pipe that was removed and possible pursue the builder for damages (which to me translates as ,"It's going to take us forever to cut the check to you because we wanna fight with a builder first"). In the meantime Im blowing through the savings!  We haven't even gotten estimates on replacing the drywall, the baseboards, the bathroom cabinet, and the floors in both bathroom, closet and bedroom (the water ran under the floor into the master bedroom). I am sure we will be reimbursed at some point - but it would be nice if they don't wait too long....

So my hope is that - 3 have happened so we should be good for a year! Please pray! My poor hubby has been working over for forever trying to get this new shed so we can create a mancave in the spare room. Every time he has to work over he misses out on time home (with me, all the kids etc). 

The positive in all of this? We got my car on a loan we got through the credit union who apparently takes out a payment EVERY my car I've had just a
Eating right, is only half of the battle. In order to remain healthy you need to get physical as well! Last week - we enrolled our daughter into gymnastics. While it's adding another bill (which we aren't terribly fond of at the moment) we figure it's justified since other kids get to do electives in school (art, orchestra, band, dance etc) and in her school they don't have that. 
To our wonderment she is really decently good at it and even though her first actual class doesn't start until the 20th, she is almost already a level 2. We just have to get her pull over and casting on the bars down and she moves up. 
I took a bunch of video of her doing things there because I wanted her to have them as a reference later to see how much she has accomplished and thought I would share here. Something I did learn about gymnastics since her trial class and gym night, is that it's even more physical than I understood. There is a lot of strength and core requirements to do the various skills. 
Of course she just adores it, has a mat here at the house and is practicing constantly. I promised her that if she moves to level 2 by Christmas - we will get her a bar for the house. I have located a friend who will be selling it deeply discounted to me due to her being unable to take it to her dorm in college! 

As for me - I've been doing the Zumba thing again. Just trying to break up the monotony of doing the same work out daily. Muscle confusion is a good thing anyway. Eating hasn't been great this week - have a friend in town and she's preggo so we have been eating out a lot, lol. Ill get back on Track Saturday after dropping her at the airport.