Eating right, is only half of the battle. In order to remain healthy you need to get physical as well! Last week - we enrolled our daughter into gymnastics. While it's adding another bill (which we aren't terribly fond of at the moment) we figure it's justified since other kids get to do electives in school (art, orchestra, band, dance etc) and in her school they don't have that. 
To our wonderment she is really decently good at it and even though her first actual class doesn't start until the 20th, she is almost already a level 2. We just have to get her pull over and casting on the bars down and she moves up. 
I took a bunch of video of her doing things there because I wanted her to have them as a reference later to see how much she has accomplished and thought I would share here. Something I did learn about gymnastics since her trial class and gym night, is that it's even more physical than I understood. There is a lot of strength and core requirements to do the various skills. 
Of course she just adores it, has a mat here at the house and is practicing constantly. I promised her that if she moves to level 2 by Christmas - we will get her a bar for the house. I have located a friend who will be selling it deeply discounted to me due to her being unable to take it to her dorm in college! 

As for me - I've been doing the Zumba thing again. Just trying to break up the monotony of doing the same work out daily. Muscle confusion is a good thing anyway. Eating hasn't been great this week - have a friend in town and she's preggo so we have been eating out a lot, lol. Ill get back on Track Saturday after dropping her at the airport. 

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