***Don't let the vinegar freak you out. It gives it a sweet and sour taste that sounds awful but is freaking HEAVEN! Try this once and if you hate it - well...you wont - but if you do - you haven't lost but a small amount of ingredients!:)***

Ingredients:Part Skim Ricotta CheeseSplenda or Torani French Vanilla Sugar Free Syrup 4 Large Strawberries (quartered)2 tbsp Basalmic Vinegar (I use Pompei Pomegranate Flavor)A decorative Margarita Glass (optional)Directions:*mix a large spoonful of ricotta with a 1/2 tsp of syrup. And place in the margarita glass (the glass is optional, but I love using it for small portions and I got it for $.05 at a garage sale!)*Place the vinegar in a small sauce pan and reduce till it coats spoon (not thick it will pour but it should coat for a moment).*Place strawberries in vinegar and stir so they are lightly coated, then pour it all over the ricotta.I love this recipe! It's filling, full of protein, antioxidants, vitamin c, etc. You can try other fruits too! Or if you don't have ricotta, try small curd cottage cheese!:)Ill stuff the remaining strawberries tomorrow cause my littledarlin' loves to eat them!

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