Sometimes as a mother, the school night just gets incredibly hectic, especially when there are a couple of stops on the way home, and then homework. So tonight was a "cheat night" where we still were able to eat healthy, but quickly and relatively cheap. This likely will not be the "cheap" option for larger families, but I will help you out with that in a moment. 


Boneless Beef Sirloin
Green Giant "Create-a-Meal" Stir-fry (they have several flavors and I'm sure there are other brands that are similar)


*Brown your meat, and then throw the ingredients together as it says on the package, and you are done in about 10 minutes. 
You can serve this over rice if you like, and I would have if I had some brown rice available but I didn't. My favorite is to put this over Quinoa which is high fiber, high protein goodness!

If you have a large family - a cheaper way to do this would be getting your frozen veggies on sale. Often times, you can get a 12-16oz bag of the individual veggies used in this (see pic of bag) for $.88/each. And a can of water chestnuts (or you can sub in bean sprouts) for less than $1. Then use a cheaper cut of meat. My meat was very cheap as I got it on Reduced for Quick Sale (usually about 60-70% off. 

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