This is the snack that girly and I chow on while watching movies together on Friday nights!:) It's a great high protein, low carb, antioxident rich alternative to popcorn. You can find them in the Frozen Veggie section of your local grocery. They are also called, "Soy Beans." You can steam them or boil them, then just pop them out of the shell and have at them!:) I like them with a little sea salt. 
Now and then I get cravings for something salty. Rather than reaching for crackers or a bag of hi-carb and fattening chips, I reach for Olives. Now, I realize that a lot of people in this world just don't like olives, well PBTH! It's salty, low-carb, healthy fat, low cal, veggie!
Here is a picture of the olives I most love to munch on. But if you wanna try some different kinds - I have found that Spec Fine Food and Spirits is an excellent place to shop for your olives! They have some that are stuffed with Jalapeno, Garlic, etc. Marinated, in a brine, etc. Wonderful Olive Heaven!
If you don't like green olives - you can always go for black as well. If you think you hate olives - give a different type a try. There are olive bars in most HEB's now and that would be the perfect place to sample different kinds without committing to a full jar.
If you are now throwing a tantrum and stomping your feet because you freaking HATE OLIVES, then try popcorn. It's crunchy, and sometimes salty (if you get butter flavored). Or even give roasted peanuts, cashews, almonds or pistachios a try!***Warning***If you are post-plastics (especially lipo) like I am, salt can put you into swell hell in such a special way that only you understand. Avoid it at all costs. If you are 6+ mths out then a couple olives while high salt - are generally safe. Find some marinated in olive oil - sometimes those are safer. Or get plain popcorn and then add Mrs. Dash!