I love those Living Social and Groupon deals. I got the girly and myself a Mother/Daughter session at Glamour Shots for $19 which included a framed 5x7 and a "facebook" digital file. Here's the digital file! My daughter's hair was curled and lovely - but it fell completely straight about 10 minutes into the shoot :( We still enjoyed it - but didn't spend the damn near $400 for the "SMALL" package. I have another session with our regular photographer coming up next time the hubby is home - and THAT is where we will make our portrait orders! 
Still - it's a cute photo! 

I've lost a total of 7 lbs in the last month. Gah - sooooo slow! I understand that's also due to my working out nearly daily and doing strength training. Im building muscle - and retaining the water that is needed to repair the muscles. But still find it frustrating! Oh well...

Today I was running uphill for 3 miles and really pushing myself and before I knew it I looked down and I had sweat literally DRIPPING off me. Eeeww....what's worse? My skin all over my face, neck, legs, stomach and back felt like it was stinging like a sunburn being slapped. I have NO idea what that was about but it was really miserable for about an hour. I even called hubby to ask about it because it's never happened before! 

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