Been Busy - Been Cooking too but more on the fast and healthy side which I've already shared. Seriously - it's been a good couple of weeks!

*Got my girly's hair cut - was touching her butt, now just a bit longer than her bra line (if she wore one!)
*Getting my RMR (resting metabolic rate) tested as well as getting a Bod Pod Composition done to figure out where I stand fitness wise and what I need to do to change things up a bit. 
*Hubby had to work over but the TS turned towards Florida so no worries there
*Busily reading through ALL the Sookie Stackhouse books.....hell must have frozen over-  Im not a fantasy lover but well...they are addictive. And I caught up with all 4 seasons of Tru Blood. 

Now figuring out the amount of uniforms we need for school and pricing them out! WOOHOO! 

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