ADDED: Here is a photo of the pretty necklace my hubby got me! 
First off, today is Birth Mother's Day.  I'm talking about mother's who have chosen to place their children for adoption to give them a better life than they could provide! 
While my daughter's mother didn't willingly place (rather, her rights were removed by CPS), I am still thankful for the fact that she chose life for her baby, thereby making it possible for this beautiful girl to come into my life! Happy Birth Mother's Day!

Tomorrow of course is just plain Mother's Day!!! My cutie pie brought home a Mother's Day Booklet that she had made and it had some pretty funny stuff in there, though she didn't intend for it to be. Let's just say, her mispelling made something really funny! Normally she's a very good speller (as she's also a great reader) but Im glad she mispelled this for the chuckle-factor! 
It's meant to say, Science! 

Hubby got me an AeroGarden for Mother's day, and some Jewelry that's in the safe that Im gonna open tomorrow! Ill post a photo if I remember to! 
I got my mother a kitchen gadget she wanted (to turn squash into spaghetti) and a huge card! And tomorrow I will go place flowers on my husband's Mother's grave and tell her thanks as I do each year - for bringing my husband into the world and raising him well! 

I hope you all have an awesome Mother's Day! Tell your moms you love her and thank her for all her sleepless nights, and keeping your hiney clean for all those years! And don't forget to wish a Happy Mother's Day to those of your friends who have lost babies! They are mother's too! We have lost many, though we mainly talk about Xavier because we knew about him for so long, and saw him so many times on ultrasound - as did our daughter. But he was just as much my baby as our living daughter is! 

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