Hubby mentioned some folks he knows just purchased an ice cream machine, and I lit up because I remembered, I HAVE ONE! Its easy to forget about this appliance as it's stored under the cabinet, but I had to bring it out and make some of our own Healthy Protein Ice Cream once I remembered I had the appliance! 

We do not make traditional ice cream in our home for many reasons, but the predominant ones are High Fat, and High Sugar. I have figured out a way around this however, and can make some pretty awesome Ice Cream that my friends are always surprised to learn, is goof for them!

Ill try to post photos and recipes each time we make some so that you too, can make a healthy treat for your family! 
This particular ice cream we made today was made the following way:

2 cups Borden's Hi-Protein 2% Milk
2 scoops Click Protein Powder (coffee flavored protein)
2 scoops Designer Whey Chocolate Protein Powder

*Freeze the inner compartment of your ice cream maker (unless you are going old school and need ice and salt, in which case, follow your maker's instructions)
*froth all the ingredients together until they just about double in size. 
*Turn on the machine (important, if you just pour it quickly without it turned on, it will freeze up in a bad way), and pour mixture in very slowly. 
*About 3 minutes before you are done, add your mix-in's if you have any)

This ice cream was at soft-serve status in about 10 minutes. We then scooped it into a freezer container to firm it up a bit. This took about an hour. Then we scooped into bowls/glasses and topped with frozen Raspberries. YUM! 

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