So far in the 6 days my daughter has been out of school we have been to the Water Park 3 times, attended my family's game night, hosted a BBQ and practiced running from Zombies! LOL! Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure! If you click on each one it will explain the photo but the foods Ill talk about here for you since this is primarily a food blog! 

First you will see the Banana and Greek Yogurt with Flax and Splenda Popsicle we made! Healthy and delicious! Then we grilled out and had Turkey Filet Mignon - while this is a lower fat item due to it being foul, I must also inform you that the bacon ups the fat a bit and heightens the sodium so be careful!
Then you will see the funnel cake for which I take zero responsibility for.
Then lastly you will see the appetizers we made for our BBQ! Mainly stuffed strawberries with ricotta cream and cinnamon or walnuts to top them. And the garlic/olive sticks which you can find out more about if you scroll down to previous posts! 
I surely hope everyone else has even half the summer we seem to be having at my house! We are truly enjoying ourselves and look forward to our play date at the Waterpark next Thursday with a friend and her daughter, as well as my girly's sleepover, and other things. 
I will still try to get some healthy food options and recipes posted, especially as we continue cooking. We are cooking more now since Im back to my boring old 17 day diet, combined with climbing a billion stairs to get to water slides and Dancing to Black Eye'd Peas on Kinect for XBOX360.

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