2 oz Grey Goose
1 tbsp Dry Vermouth
2 tbsp Jalapeno Stuffed Olive Juice
1 Jalapeno Stuffed Olive
1 cup Ice


*Place all ingredients into a shaker (we love stainless steel) and shake until shaker is too cold to hold.
*Serve in a nice glass, make it cheap cause this drink is STRONG and can make you drop your glass. Grey Goose is smooth and high alcohol content.

**Please wait until your child is clearly ASLEEP in bed before having this drink. This is strong. You don't want them injuring themselves and you being too stupid to drive. This is actually something we split ONE between the 2 of us if Kidlet is home. And if she is gone then we both get our own. Your kids are more important so wait if you must.
The Jalapeno adds a great kick - but they also have garlic stuffed and anchovies and other various stuffing. Try them all! Or go without olive all together!

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