What is Kefir?
It's fermented milk drink. Some call it yogurt, but really - that can be somewhat misleading. And I'm not here to mislead you! It's a probiotic, nutrient filled milk drink. It does have a yogurt like flavor- and you can make yogurt out of it if you let it ferment long enough, but generally you leave it out 24 hours, which gives you a smooth, thickish liquid.

What do you do with it?
You can add it to Ice Cream recipes, make Smoothies, make it into cheese, sour cream, butter etc. And it's all super ridiculously healthy!

Where do you get it?
Well.....you gotta have the Kefir Grains. You can't buy these in the stores. You can usually find somewhere online and spend $20, OR you can find someone you know who already has some, and get some oftheirs for FREE. These little grains multiply like crazy - and before you know it, you have more than you can deal with. You can only consume so much kefir, and since they are a Living Food, you have to keep feeding them. So most either eat the grains themselves, or share them. I choose to share them - because I'm a big fan and I love introducing others to it!

How do I make Kefir?
I use a clean mason jar, add my grains in the bottom. Then I add about 2 cups of RAW milk (if I have it, if not I add Borden 2% Hi-Protein. You can use any milk that isn't ULTRA-PASTEURIZED). Then I cover with cloth (or coffee filter) and set aside on the counter. It generally takes about 24 hours for it to ferment. In the winter it takes longer. In the summer - shorter. I like mine semi-tart. If you like it more tart, let it sit longer. Wanna make cheese, let it sit 3 days.Then when it begins to coagulate or smells sour - taste it - if you like, then strain it to save your grains - and drink the freshKefir. Place the grains in a glass again and start again!
Ill do more information and recipes with Kefir soon - I'm trying to get enough together in order to do cheese!:)

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