This week has been a rather sad week for me as the sweet little Ladybug is going back to live with her parents. She will always be in my prayers and I hope that they are really doing well and will take good care of her. 
So what is a girl to do with all this extra time on her hands? ANYTHING AT ALL! 
I am currently making a tincture, making Lemoncello, planning a playdate for my girly and a friend from gymnastics and planning a very large and time consuming project that will benefit all of the family and generations to come. 
This is homemade beginnings of an Herbal Tincture. After my lovely brush with Staph at the Zoo and the subsequent healing of it with the lemon balm haphazardly mushed up and tied onto my leg - I decided a tincture of this stuff is in order since it lasts for years and works.  This one in particular has Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lemon and Lime Basil and is covered with a cheaper brand of 40 proof. Just minced the herbs and placed them in a jar, then covered with vodka and will give jar a shake each day and let it sit for 2 wks. Then Ill strain it and put into a jar and it can be used on skin or orally for stomach issues and nerves. 
My parents have a huge Meyer Lemon tree in their backyard and always hook me up when she is full of fruit! Here's just a small peek at the beginning of harvest time! I chose to make Lemon-cello this time around. So I had to peel the lemons (Meyers are known for their really thin skin) and then use a knife to carefully remove the pith and put all the cleaned peel in the jar. Then covered with a bit of Grey Goose (thanks Cruise Ship friends!) to begin their infusion. In about a week, I will finish this up and post again!:) 

The big project has no photos yet. But here is a very general idea of it. I am going to take my Mom out to her childhood stomping grounds armed with a camera and recorder. We are going to get photos of her childhood home, hospital she was born in (which turns out to be Kitty Cat Club now - a TITTY BAR! LOL), Elementary School, Middle, High. Where she hung out after school. Where Dad proposed to her. The fountain at the cemetery that she Mr. Bubbled etc. I want to know all the stories about her growing up. I will then scrapbook it all out. I will do this for myself too with the same info, and for hubby (this will take a trip to Mississippi) and my Father (a trip to California - probably the last one Ill do since it will take some planning and finanaces). I think it would be neat to have the stories and photos and information in an easy way to follow. It will be something neat to pass down to the kiddo and she can do one of her for her kids etc. I think it will be fun to bond over it all as well! I am pretty stoked about going with Dad to California too! He was only a baby when he was there (born there and lived there I think 2 years). 

That's all for now. Going to bed but just wanted to update while I had a minute!

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