BTW - My floors don't normally look like this, it was hard to contain kids and food last night! LOL! And my photos are blurry - sorry, I've never found a point and shoot as good as my real gear that I sold. Im so sad. LOL
Muffulettas (Thanks Stacey)


Olive Tampenade
Salami Lunch Meat
Ham Lunch Meat
Provolone Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Kaiser Sandwich Rolls


*Spread a layer of olive tampenade onto one side of the bun, then swiss, then ham, then olive then provolone, then salami, then olive, then bun.
*Wrap in foil and place into preheated oven 350 for 15 minutes. 

Pretzel Bites (Thanks Kayla!)

Small pretzels
Rolos Candy
Pecan (or other nut of your choosing)


*Place the pretzels in one layer on the cookie sheet, then place rolos on top of each one. Then put into an oven at 350 and watch closely for melting, then pull out and immediatly top with nuts of your choice. 

Olive and Garlic Appetizers:

All you need are olives of your choice (shown are normal black pitted olives) and pickled garlic (shown is bread and butter), and just layer onto a tooth pick and serve on a cute plate! 

And the shots were the Jolly Rancher infused vodka! Yummy!

There will be more photos added later on when Kayla gets them uploaded! We all participated in the post drinking Yoga! LOL
2/12/2012 02:29:25 am

Holy moly look at how toned kaylas legs are!! Woohoo go Kayla!!


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