Tonight, we used the smart steamer again (see post below) and I had my girly cook dinner! It was so simple and she got a huge kick out of it. I enjoyed taking my shower while dinner cooked in the microwave! She made Chicken Breasts injected and covered with Hawaiian Marinade, and Broccoli with lemon juice squeezed over it with a touch of Lemon Pepper. And for the aromatics, we threw a couple sprigs of rosemary into the water and a slice of lemon before steaming it! Smells like heaven and tastes like MAGIC! lol! 
These steamers are on for $69 until March 31! If you order tell them Shelley referred you! Totally worth it guys! I know it's a crazy high cost but I promise you will NOT be dissatisfied! Carries a lifetime warrenty too, and tupperware has been in business for over 80yrs! My mother just got a piece replaced after 20 yrs for FREE. Super simple! 

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