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Use one box of Pillsbury SUGAR FREE Devils Food or Yellow cake. You will prepare the cake as per directions on the box including baking. Then while still warm, score into chunks and dump into your stand mixer and turn on low with the beater attachement. You are looking for the consistancy shown above. Don't need to beat the hell out of it - just crumble it. 
Add in slowly, 1 can of Pillsbury Choclate or Vanilla SUGAR FREE frosting. Using your paddle attachement. You are looking for a doughy texture - you don't want it turning into a full out ball, you want it moist but not sticky.Let it rest about 10 min, then roll into balls and place on wax paper lined cookie sheet. I used a tablespoon measure to kinda keep similar sizes.Then place balls in the fridge for about 10 min to cool.Melt Wilton Candy Chips (in color of your choice) in the microwave following instructions on package. You only need a little amount to start with. This will become the glue for your sticks.Wrap a Styrofoam block in foil - you will stick your pops in this block to dry.Remove balls from fridge, and dip your sticks (found at Walmart in wedding section) into the candy melt first, then into the balls. Then place back into the fridge for another 20 min or so (this ensures hardening of the melt so that the ball will stay on the stick.).While they are cooling again - melt the rest of the candy melts.Bring balls back out and then swirl in your candy melt coating the ball all the way to the stick (this is important, you want to really glue that ball on). Tap gently to remove excess candy. If this candy spills, don't worry - it's super easy to clean up when it dries. Then if you want toppings - now is the time - before it cools, to add. I used candy stars. Just sprinkle on.Aren't they cute!? They are far from perfect but considering I am NOT a baker (not that into sweet stuff and generally can't have sugar). These roughly - by estimation - have about 6-8g sugar each!:) 
To hold your cake pops upright while drying, wrap a Styrofoam brick in foil and just stab holes in it with the sticks! 

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