Just realized my cable service with On Demand offers Karaoke and Im seriously considering subscribing so that when we have "Girls Night" we can play a good ol game called, " Karaoke Roulette" where the other folks pick the song for you, and you don't get to watch the words but have to try and sing the song! We can sing for real too of course, as I've done at actual Country Western Dance Halls! 
All that's stopping me is the dread of calling the cable folks cause it's always a pain in the ass, ya know? Well, and possibly price - we will see if it's cheap enough! 

BTW - New FOOD post coming up later tonight! I took some pictures at the Raw Dairy we go to regularly. There was a premature calf born recently and my daughter got to pet her and become a human pacifier!:) And I made farmers cheese (well, not with my Raw milk as that would negate the purpose!). YUM!

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