Took this of myself after Mother Daughter Glamour Shots! Everyone on FB says I look like a 70's Porn Star! Yeah....only in the face! 
Me in my workout clothes. I figured maybe posting a Before Photo (or as I like to call it, Shaming Myself Publicly) that not only will it provide a point of reference when Im done getting my 15lbs off, but perhaps just the sheer knowing that folks can see how fat I am might shame me into getting it off? I accept that this might be a weird way to go about motivating myself but, to each their own! So there I am from the front, just under breasts down to crotch. I have a nice shape, says the hubs, a sexy and womanly shape. I disagree. I see extremely WIDE hips. 
Here is the side shot. I know a lot of people think this is still thin, I guess my point of reference is what makes me think Im not. There is a weird roll looking thing going on above my butt (see that white emblem? Look to the left, there is the roll), and in the front there is a belly going on. It's not a huge belly - but it's just enough that my clothes are uncomfortable, and I USED TO BE CONCAVE folks. I dont have to be concave again - I understand that my hubby likes me not to be bony like I was for a little while, but I'd like it to be perfectly taut and flat again. Im not really sure even losing my 15lb gain will get me there now either, as somehow my abs have built up there in the bottom and are rock hard but kinda bulge...

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