Had to try this beautiful purple cauliflower I found at Kroger! Silly me thought I would be one BAD ASS MAMA for feeding my kiddo purple cauli....yeah no. My child actually asked me if I thought she was so stupid that she would eat this just cause it's pretty. My sweet, non-sarcastic, generally respectful of athority child copped an attitude! Grr....
I did enjoy it however! And not only is it pretty and purple, but I found that the water I steamed it in was bright green, and when I put a little italian dressing on them, they turned HOT PINK! LoL
Anyway - Im changing my way of eating for a bit. Im going to continue high protein and low carb but Im going to follow the "17 Day Diet" so I can drop about 12lbs that I've managed to put on since Christmas! Supposedly I should be able to do so, or come close in the first 17 day cycle, I might go for a little more just to give me a cushion to gain, we shall see. Looks like a solid way of eating. There are 4 phases to it but I think Ill do the first 2 and last. Accelerate, Activate and the final maintenance phase. 
Im getting back into my water aerobics and pilates now that it's a bit warmer out. It should just fall off....in theory! 
Sorry I haven't been posting that much lately but again - Im eating kind of in a rut at the moment. This will change Sunday! 

Other news: My first Hospice Patient (I volunteer) passed away on Saturday....Im a bit bummed on that front :( And we are planning to go Bay fishing in Galveston! Maybe Ill be cooking shark the following day!  That would be neat huh? 

Are there any recipes you have heard of that fit my types of eating that you would like me to do for you? Or do you have a recipe you love but want to make more healthy? If so - FB me or comment here and let me know and I will do what I can to feature your recipe with it's substitutions! 

Im going to try much harder to be more consistent on here! Im just super busy and not online as much as used to be!

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