I just consumed a pound of steamed asparagus all by myself ... whoa....I poached 4 quail egg for topping, and then used low cal hollandaise sauce as a drizzle, and garnished with rosemary (I love rosemary). 
This is my itty-bitty deviled quail egg. It's super duper cute, and tasted yummy. I had 17 more to fill and after doing this one decided that deviled quail eggs are HIGHLY over-rated. And that the payoff kinda sucks for the effort put forth - so we just ate the others whole!:)
I found a neat site the other day discussing the health benefits of Quail eggs vs. Chicken and here are some of the points they touched on! These are VERY impressive if you keep in mind that quail eggs are only 1/4 the size of a regular chicken egg and yet they still beat out the larger egg!

*Their nutritional value is 3-4 times higher than a chicken egg.

*They have 13% protein while chicken eggs have only 11% (and chicken eggs are BIGGER!)

*They have 140 of vitamin B1 where as chicken eggs have a mere 50.

*They contain TWICE as much vitamin A and B2 as a chicken egg

*They contain 5 TIMES as much iron, and potassium than chicken eggs

*Richer in calcium and phosphorus than a chicken egg

*They do NOT have BAD cholesterol, but have the GOOD HDL, where as chicken eggs cannot claim the same

*If children eat at least 2 quail eggs daily, they grow better, and are less prone to infectious diseases.

BTW - You can raise quail quite easily. I raise them, (though currently we are re-doing our set up so we don't have them right now), and they are cheap and productive. It's much cheaper to raise and eat their eggs (and then eventually THEM) than to buy them at a store.

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