First off - baby girl has gone back to her family, there is some talk that she may be headed back to our home shortly but that's all in the government's hands and we know how well that works. 

I've had much time to fill since she left and have tried to make good use of it! Food wise I've made a lot of soup (strange for me as I normally have to be in the mood for it). I've had cabbage, Zuppa Tuscana My Way and right now I have White Chicken Chili  in the crock pot. 

Today I am going to show you how to make Body Butter with just 2 ingredients required (there are additional if you choose). I've made butters before but normally do so with cocoa butter and shea so this was a new one for me and I love it! It's much cheaper and doesn't require me to have it shipped, and you can easily find the ingredients in your local grocery stores!:)


1c Coconut Oil (I try to get unrefined pure oil)
1 tsp of Vitamin E Oil
Essential Oil of your Choice (I chose lemon today but will make some peppermint shortly)


*Place both oils into a stand mixer and whip for about 5-7 min on medium high. 
*When you notice a whipped frosting appearance, shut the machine off and add a few drops of your essential oil and then turn back on for another minute to whip it in.
*Place into a jar and store where it's below 75 degrees.

****If you don't have a stand mixer - that stinks! But you can still do this without one by placing the items into a bowl and using an electric beater. You really cannot do this with anything else.
This is especially nice right after a shower, and shave! My girly has problems with Psoriasis during the winter months (sunshine helps!) and so we can use this on her without causing further irritation. This is literally food grace materials so you could technically eat this (I dont suggest it though)! Compare this to the body butters that you find in the stores ingredients wise! And this is MUCH cheaper too as a high quality butter will cost you about $10-$15 a tiny little 1/4 lb tub. This makes

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