So summer is up on us at last! My daughter's last day of school is this morning, we will go to an awards ceremony and then it's done until August! 
We have already planned so much fun for the summer! We are getting season passes to our local-ish Water-park (thanks to a family member purchasing them for us), and we got 2 games of FREE bowling for our daughter EVERY SINGLE DAY this summer, and it only cost me $25 to get a season pass for myself to go with her. So we plan to do water park on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Bowling on the days between! We will be taking our lunches with us to every event so Ill be posting some hopefully healthy, kid friendly lunch ideas a couple times a week!
I hope your summer will be as awesome as ours! 

We (The Hubby and Myself) are also going to be running a 5k Obstacle Course in December! It's called Run For Your Lives, and basically we will be running from Zombies! It's going to rock! While we are running we will be running through water, mud, climbing fences etc, and wearing flag football belts. Zombies will be chasing us and trying to get the flags, if we make it to the finish line with any health flags, we are Alive! But if not, we are transformed into Zombies! It's gonna be a great event to grow a little closer to the hubs and we are looking forward to our training for it starting next week! Ill keep yall updated on the progress but in case any of you want to find this race in YOUR home town, go to And keep an eye out when the time draws near as I will be trying to make some cute ZOMBIE foods to eat on our trip to Austin!

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