This is the most interesting thing I've made lately! :)
Making the above, because of the below :)
Oh and in case you are wondering - I made that Moby Wrap Im wearing the sweet little Ladybug in!:) Life is great! 

BTW - For those wondering, the floors are done! WOOHOO! We went with a Harvest Pecan laminate and some porcelain tile. We originally paid around $2/sqft for our previous flooring, the stuff we got with insurance was $6.29/sqft, so major upgrade. The pipe breaking turned out well in the end. But I tell ya, it's nothing I wanna experience again! We are going to have all of our pipes/waterlines inspected next time hubs is home just to be sure there is nothing about to go bad and if so - we can replace before it becomes a stressful disaster! Ill post flooring pics soon! And I do plan to get back to cooking again here shortly. I mean, I do cook, but nothing new and exciting as my hand

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