Today I did the school clothes shopping thing! I originally figured about $150 for clothes (bottoms, tops, socks, undies), but I completed the shopping with the exception of one pair of khaki pants for $61.47!! Sometimes I really love school uniforms! She has khaki skirts, pants, shorts, and her polos and brown belt. We dont need shoes as she recently bought herself some Sketchers with Grandad money!

On another note, I have cut my shirt to look all 80's and it's cute! And I put on make up too - a rare occurance lately as I've been bustin ass at the gym so much! 
Oh - and I got my girl into Gymnastics! She went today for the first time and LOVED it! She's in a class that works on balance beam, floor routines and the bars. She seems to show a proficiency for the bars and is already able to swing and flip both forward and back. The teacher was a little surprised since she hasn't really had any real training before. Don't get me wrong - she's nothing amazing yet, but she's kinda impressive for not having been in class yet. Until you get to the back bends. This child for some reason just cant get that down LOL! Anyway - we got her into classes that occur on Friday so that her sport doesn't interfere with homework. If she balances this well with school for a bit - we may put her into an additional class of Tumbling (straight floor routines) on Wednesdays since that is also a no-homework day. 
Tomorrow she goes to a Fun Friday event where they get dropped off for 3 hours and can practice on any areas that they choose with instruction. She's excited! I am kinda too but not sure what to do with my 3 hours. I might go see a movie or something - I kinda wanna see Step it Up. *shrug*

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