Today I did the MOTHER OF ALL WORKOUTS! Holy crap, I was literally DRIPPING sweat. I was torn between feeling disgusted and empowered! I burned 400calories in the cardio alone! 
I am training for a 5k and Im just about up to running 3 miles now. Even though I look like a melting candle by the time Im done. I bet I lost 7lbs in water!

Came home and made this gem of a salad! 

Salad Mix with 3 red cherry tomatoes, and 3 yellow cherry tomatoes. 1/4 Avacado, One slice onion, 2 strawberries in quarters, 5 sprays of Braggs (amino), and Rice Wine Vinegar seasoned with Garlic! Best salad I've ever had - but would have been even better 

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