I'm kinda proud of myself today! I didn't get to sleep till around 4am this morning due to a friend needing to talk, and yet still got up about 5 hours later, went to the gym and ran 2.5 miles, did my weight training and ran my errands (boring stuff, prescription, post office, library). Don't get me wrong - I had to DRAG my ass into that gym. I really REALLY didn't wanna - but once I got going, I almost seemed to get MORE energy! By the time I left, I was down right Perky running my errands looking all sweaty! 

Right now I'm feeling frustrated that I'm retaining so much water. I know I'm just looking fluffy due to all the strength training I've been doing and muscles need water to repair etc - but it doesn't change the fact that I feel like I look FAT. I know I know - Im not but still. Grr. 

Today's food isn't a Recipe exactly. It's more of a Go-To snack that I use for my munchies feeling (especially on days I work out - I feel like I'm starving to death. I get a can of Reduced Sodium Chick Peas, drain and rinse them, and then toss them with seasonings. I love Toni's but I am trying to avoid it at the moment as that salt will only make me retain more fluid. Today Ill season them with Mrs. Dash. They are a great alternative to Popcorn - and are delicious and filling. I pop them in my mouth with my fingers like popcorn too. Even the Girly will eat them (trust me - if it's not a white carb, it's hard to get this child to eat ANYTHING).  They are fairly low carb if you subtract your fiber from your carbs, and have a decent amount of protein. And they make you regular - very regular. Do not eat more than one can in a day!!!!

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