This is a plant that is EVERYWHERE in Texas. In fact, I challenge you to walk a mile and not see at least one of these. The cool thing about Yaupon is it's FREE because it's practically a weed, and it's got the highest concentration of caffeine of all the "weeds" in fact it's been said to have more caffeine than tea. When all the world goes to hell in a hand basket - here's your fix!
Yaupon Leaf Tea:

Yaupon Tea Leaves (1tbps per cup water)
Tea Ball for loose leaf tea
Honey for sweetening
Lemon for flavor

Directions:Harvest Yaupon leaves and roast at 200 for 2 hours, then crumble in a baggie and use 1tbsp per cup water. Steep 10-15 min in boiling water, then sweeten and flavor.***Has as much caffeine as 10 cup coffee (supposedly) so use no more than 1 cup at a time. And be POSITIVE of your wild plant identification. In fact, it's free to have it checked by your local county extension. If you think you have Yaupon have it checked for positivity and stay away from berries which will cause vomiting.

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