Makes a full container but I didn't think to take a photo until halfway through! I put Glucomanna


1 cup Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, Unsweetened
1/2 cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt, Plain
1/2 cup Unsweetened Apple Sauce
Few Shakes of Cinnamon
Pinch of Nutmeg (optional)
1 scoop Designer Whey French Vanilla (or brand of your choice)


Put all ingredients into your blender bottle, or magic bullet, in the order listed. Then shake or blend till smooth. It tastes sooo good!

Calories: 250 (if made with my protein powder)
Fat 5
Carbs 22
Protein 31
Fiber 5 
Today I did the MOTHER OF ALL WORKOUTS! Holy crap, I was literally DRIPPING sweat. I was torn between feeling disgusted and empowered! I burned 400calories in the cardio alone! 
I am training for a 5k and Im just about up to running 3 miles now. Even though I look like a melting candle by the time Im done. I bet I lost 7lbs in water!

Came home and made this gem of a salad! 

Salad Mix with 3 red cherry tomatoes, and 3 yellow cherry tomatoes. 1/4 Avacado, One slice onion, 2 strawberries in quarters, 5 sprays of Braggs (amino), and Rice Wine Vinegar seasoned with Garlic! Best salad I've ever had - but would have been even better 

Been Busy - Been Cooking too but more on the fast and healthy side which I've already shared. Seriously - it's been a good couple of weeks!

*Got my girly's hair cut - was touching her butt, now just a bit longer than her bra line (if she wore one!)
*Getting my RMR (resting metabolic rate) tested as well as getting a Bod Pod Composition done to figure out where I stand fitness wise and what I need to do to change things up a bit. 
*Hubby had to work over but the TS turned towards Florida so no worries there
*Busily reading through ALL the Sookie Stackhouse books.....hell must have frozen over-  Im not a fantasy lover but well...they are addictive. And I caught up with all 4 seasons of Tru Blood. 

Now figuring out the amount of uniforms we need for school and pricing them out! WOOHOO! 
Hubby's ship is on the move to avoid Debbie right now! Prayers they escape her and remain safe! 
I wont get to hear from him until the storm has downgraded or moved away from them enough. He doesn't get to leave the ship unfortunately due to being necessary so just keep him in your thoughts!

‎8 years ago today, I was walked down the isle and handed to my husband's love and care. I am so incredibly blessed that through the ups and downs, we have kept our love not just alive but thriving. I've found my other half, my best friend, the man of my dreams and a father who is better than any I've ever known (my daddy is close!) in my husband. I love you baby and I hope for at least 60 more!! 

I look forward to use sitting and watching TV together so loud that the neighbors complain, and playing with our GREAT grand-babies, and buying his and hers diapers! I can think of no other person I would enjoy growing old with! 

How about Ice Cream in 60 seconds with only 1 gram of fat, and still CREAMY? We buy bananas that are VERY ripe, for CHEAP, then come home, peel and cut into 1 inch sections. Then you place them on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen, place into a gallon sized Ziploc for future use/portioning. 
Then when you want some soft serve ice cream (kids LOVE this by the way!), just pull a banana's worth of chunks out and place into your magic bullet (or processor if you don't have an awesome bullet) and pulse until the size of salsa chunks, then turn on high until whipped into Ice Cream. It's VERY creamy and tastes sinful! I added some PB2 powder here (it's dehydrated peanut butter without oil, makes it only 1.5 fat in a serving vs normal FATTY peanut butter). I will make more later with not only the PB2 but also a scoop of Protein Powder. 
Sometimes I geek out, but this stuff is really good! I can't wait till our Blood Orange tree starts producing!:) It's not got blossoms this year but I didn't expect it to as we planted it last year and it has been spending time throwing out roots. But our Lemon Drop Tree (hubby's father's day gift 2 years ago) is thriving and has a TON of blossoms, so at least we can make some Lemon-cello!:)
I decided that since we constantly feel like we are starving to death when we leave the waterpark, and therefore finding it incredibly tempting to stop at any one of the 3 fast food chains within walking distance - that I would make a ton of dried fruit in the dehydrator to hold us over till we arrive at the house! It worked today! I dried apples, strawberries and banana's but will be taking the girly for blueberry picking in the next few days so those will be tossed in there as well. 
Now we are home from the water park, showered, redressed, and headed back out for free bowling! Hub's got me some cheap bowling shoes to save $3.45 a trip on rentals! Now it costs us 
Today we used a set of our passes we got from You can go to that site, sign your children up for FREE bowling (2 games per day throughout the summer!
Hubby mentioned some folks he knows just purchased an ice cream machine, and I lit up because I remembered, I HAVE ONE! Its easy to forget about this appliance as it's stored under the cabinet, but I had to bring it out and make some of our own Healthy Protein Ice Cream once I remembered I had the appliance! 

We do not make traditional ice cream in our home for many reasons, but the predominant ones are High Fat, and High Sugar. I have figured out a way around this however, and can make some pretty awesome Ice Cream that my friends are always surprised to learn, is goof for them!

Ill try to post photos and recipes each time we make some so that you too, can make a healthy treat for your family! 
This particular ice cream we made today was made the following way:

2 cups Borden's Hi-Protein 2% Milk
2 scoops Click Protein Powder (coffee flavored protein)
2 scoops Designer Whey Chocolate Protein Powder

*Freeze the inner compartment of your ice cream maker (unless you are going old school and need ice and salt, in which case, follow your maker's instructions)
*froth all the ingredients together until they just about double in size. 
*Turn on the machine (important, if you just pour it quickly without it turned on, it will freeze up in a bad way), and pour mixture in very slowly. 
*About 3 minutes before you are done, add your mix-in's if you have any)

This ice cream was at soft-serve status in about 10 minutes. We then scooped it into a freezer container to firm it up a bit. This took about an hour. Then we scooped into bowls/glasses and topped with frozen Raspberries. YUM!